• DEPARTMENT: Clinical
  • EXPERIENCE: 20 Years
  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE: (202) 659 – 3500


Mellissa Johnson, RDH, ICP has been practicing dental hygiene in Maryland and Washington, DC since 1993 when she graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore Dental School. She is also certified as an Implant Care Practitioner. She has practiced in Washington, DC for most of her career. She was inspired to become a dental hygienist after going to her own dental visit when she was 22. Mellissa is originally from Chicago, Illinois and has family there and in Austin, Texas. She has an extended family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Mellissa is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish and hopes to add another language. Mellissa loves what she does and her patients and making sure that coming to a dental visit is a “pleasure and not a pain”. In her spare time, Mellissa loves to travel, go to the theatre, eat seafood and laugh and she is very active in her church.

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