Dental Surgical Assistant

  • DEPARTMENT: Clinical
  • EXPERIENCE: 4 Years
  • EMAIL: Juanita@dcperio.com
  • PHONE: (202) 659 – 3500


Juanita Baldwin is a Registered Dental Surgical Assistant who has been in the dental field for nearly 12 years. Juanita graduated from Richard Montgomery High School, attended college at Montgomery College and later attended and graduated from ACT College with her dental assisting degree. Juanita takes pride in her profession as she loves what she does. Juanita is known for having a charismatic, and outgoing spirit and is especially detailed oriented when it comes to patient care. Juanita was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. Juanita has five children in which she enjoys spending quality time with and traveling. Juanita also enjoys history, nature, and exploring new things. Juanita’s objective as an assistant is consistency, effective communication, and helping patients when it comes to systemic dental health. It is our pleasure to introduce Juanita Baldwin our dedicated Surgical Assistant.

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