DC Perio & Implants was founded by Dr. Chester M. Stein in 1977. The original location of the office was not very far from its present site. The office, all 454 square feet, was located in the New Medical Building at 1726 I Street, N.W. In actuality the name of the building was a misnomer. The building was one of the oldest medical buildings in the city. It was however quite elegant with high ceilings, wide hallways with inlaid tile floors, marble bathrooms and brass outfitted elevators complete with uniformed operators. The office doors were massive with frosted glass and gold lettering. It was however a time when real estate began to be precious and the building was demolished in 1979. It was just as well as the practice had grown and more space was needed. As part of the development agreement, the developers were placing the physicians and dentists in any of their already existing buildings. We were offered space in a new building at 1111 19th Street, but it was felt that it would not be adequate for any growth. Instead the practice was moved to 1522 K Street, N.W. The space was about twice the size of the first office, but was designed in an extremely space efficient way. It was then that we were able to add and have two full time hygienists.

As the practice grew, it became apparent that another move would be necessary. When the lease expired in 1989, the practice returned to I Street, N.W. at 1712. Not only were the extra operatories appreciated, but also so were windows, after being below ground level for 10 years. Dr. Armin Abron joined our periodontal and implant practice in 2008 and together with Dr. Chester Stein built a high quality surgical team. As a result of this collaboration and growth phase the practice underwent two additional extensive renovations at its current location. In 2018 Baldinger & Miller, PC periodontal practice merged with DC Perio and Implants. Drs. Abron and Miller continue with the forty-five year of excellence and ethical patient care at DC Perio & Implants till today. In retrospect the primary factor in creating a successful practice was emphasis on excellence, team building and participatory management, something pretty much unheard of at that time. The efforts of providing the highest quality and ethical care with the aid of most recent advancement and technology are still noted at DC Perio and Implants today.

Names of those that contributed the most over those years of growth include Mildred Jennings (who started with the practice in 1981), Maria Tarrance-Watkins (who started in 2005 and has served as Office manager for over 15 years), Harlene Sandler, Susan Northcraft, Cheryl Richards (Susan and Cheryl provided the practice with over 20 consecutive years as the primary surgical assistants), Rene Notaro, Janet Turcotte, Robbi Benz, Laura Prebula, Olga Echevaria, Rosetta Watkins and Sherrie Stephens.


History of The DC Perio & Implant

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