Advanced Technology
  • CBCT Scan CBCT stands for “Cone-Beam Computed Tomography”. CBCT systems used by dental professionals rotate around you, capturing data using a cone-shaped x-ray. In less than a minute, about 150-200 images are captured from a variety of angles. The data captured are used to reconstruct a 3D image of your teeth, mouth, jaw, and neck. This 3D image is more detailed than a traditional 2D image allowing for more accurate treatment planning.
  • Low Radiation Portable Digital X-Rays NOMAD uses the latest in x-ray technology for precise, repeatable exposures that help produce sharp, clear radiographic images. It is a handheld device which allows for faster and easier radiographs, allowing for a more pleasant experience. The NOMAD also has low radiation exposure for both patients and providers to allow a safer x-ray environment for all.
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